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Fiona Soltes, NBC-HWC, has helped hundreds of coaching clients gain awareness, cultivate peace amid chaos, and discover what’s possible. 

Offering a holistic approach to stress management, healthy habits, life-giving relationships and positive change

Individual Coaching

Fiona has taken part in more than 1,500 individual coaching sessions, working with clients across industries and time zones. These clients range from young adults just starting their careers to senior-level leadership. Sessions are weekly, biweekly, monthly or as needed.

Group Coaching

Fiona has led virtual and in-person group coaching sessions of various sizes, using original content to help participants thrive. Topics have included navigating uncertainty, positive reframing, overcoming anxiety, developing leadership, strengths-based methods, mindfulness, overall well-being, and communications.

Custom Programs

Fiona has developed curriculum, led workshops, given presentations, provided oversight and created content. She brings her skills as a longtime entrepreneur and communications specialist to deliver on client goals with excellence.

Fiona gave me a sense of hope and purpose again. I could not see past the endless circles that kept leaving me exhausted…. It is almost like a reset. I am continuing to discard the useless tools in my toolbox while developing the ones I need most. ~ J.S.

Before working with Fiona, I was constantly questioning myself: my decision-making ability, my leadership style, whether I was accurately assessing the messy life situations that I so often found myself obsessed by. Fiona has been able to serve as that neutral third party who can gently guide me into a more objective view of my circumstances and lovingly remind me of my stated truths and beliefs. ~ F.B.

What is health and wellness coaching?

Health and wellness coaching explores any of the various dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, financial or environmental. The topic is entirely up to you. We’ll spend our time in an honest and authentic conversation, figuring out where things feel out of balance, and what steps might lead to a greater sense of peace and control. Clients often come to coaching when they sense what used to work no longer does, or they feel “stuck” in one or more areas. We take the journey to thriving together, one step at a time.

How is coaching different from therapy, consulting or mentorship?

A wellness coach is your “guide on the side.” Rather than outline specific steps or develop a task list for you, a coach will ask strategic questions to help you discover where you want to go and what unique steps will get you there. Consulting and mentorship are often more directive than coaching. As for the difference between coaching and therapy, you can think of therapy like physical therapy (helping you recover by getting to the root of an injury) and coaching as a good workout (helping you use all the resources available to you in this moment to help you move forward). Coaching views each person as naturally, creative, resourceful and whole, rather than someone to be “fixed” or needing to be told what to do.

What kind of topics can wellness coaching cover?

During each coaching session, we’ll explore whatever is top of mind. Conversations with clients have included, for example, work/life balance, time management, healthy habits, improving relationships, mindfulness, physical activity, communication skills, positive reframing, social anxiety, overcoming catastrophizing, increasing motivation, understanding triggers, fostering empathy, better decision-making, incorporating faith, developing confidence and making a career change.

What is an "NBC-HWC," and why does it matter?

Fiona earned the designation of national board certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC) in 2020. The credential represents the profession’s highest standard, including 75 hours of specific instruction, skills assessment, proctored exam and ongoing education. The credential sets coaches apart from those who apply the title of “coach” simply to sell a supplement or other health-related product.  

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