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Stress management, healthy habits and the process of change

Social isolation is not for the faint of heart.  Days get muddy.  Tensions get high.  And emotions?  Oh, they’re crowding in.  Even in normal situations, schedules, habits and guardrails can feel stifling, full of “should” and “have to.” But in these days when nothing else is certain, they may—surprisingly!—offer a bit of peace and sense of

“Breathe,” they say. “Just breathe.”  And the alternative would be…?  If we’re fortunate, we don’t think much about it: Breathing in and out just happens.  But in these stressful times, as tensions mount and uncertainty looms, a shorter and shallower breathing pattern can creep in just as involuntarily. Before we realize it, our breath isn’t moving past the chest.

Not that long ago, the inviting green button at the bottom of these pages said, “The first step is the hardest.” Full confession? As I’ve worked with more clients—and paid closer attention in my own life—I’ve realized that it just isn’t true. There’s often something that leads us—sometimes shoves us—toward taking that first step. Sometimes

I’ve got a question: When was the last time you failed at something new? It begs a follow-up: What happened next?
Personally, I’ve spent a fair amount of my life staying within the safety of things I know how to do, things I can feel good about. It is, I believe, a natural response:


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“Before working with Fiona, I was constantly questioning myself: my decision-making ability, my leadership style, whether I was accurately assessing the messy life-situations that I so often found myself obsessed by. Fiona has been able to serve as that neutral third party who can gently guide me into a more objective view of my circumstances and lovingly remind me of my stated truths and beliefs.”

~ Felicia B. 

“Fiona gave me a sense of hope and purpose again. I could not see past the endless circles that kept leaving me exhausted…. It is almost like a reset. I am continuing to discard the useless tools in my toolbox while developing the ones I need most.”

~ Jenna S.