Make a Run for 2021! 

Congratulations! You're about to receive the gift of a brand spankin' new year.

What will you do with it?

My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing. ~ Marcel Proust

I've seen them, too.


In recent weeks, there have been numerous quick, free downloads about getting my life back on track. Lists of things I should be doing every day. Complimentary courses to develop a new skill or establish a new habit.

For anyone with an internet connection, the options are endless.

And yet, when it comes to wellness, none of it has felt quite right.

First, there are assumptions that I fit into a certain category: Unmotivated, perhaps. Stressed. Distracted. Hungry. Overwhelmed.

Second, though, there are promises that whatever the program or offering is, it will solve all my problems. 

I just don't believe that's the way it works. 

Change is highly personal: It involves not only where we are now, and where we want to go, but also what strengths and experiences we bring to get there.

A plan for change, then, must also be unique to the individual. 

YOUR plan for change must be unique to YOU.  

So what if you could have someone's full attention to explore not only what IS, but also what COULD be?

What if there was someone who would help you figure out challenges related to stress, sleep, exercise, diet, work/life balance, or anxiety?

What if you gave serious thought to what you'd like to take with you as life returns to a more "normal" state, as well as what, of this season, you want to leave behind?

It's not only possible. It's available right here.      

The challenge:

As we move through this season of social distancing, perhaps returning to workplaces, gyms or other social gathering spots, we have the OPTION of returning to previous habits and behaviors.

Perhaps the recent weeks have brought some positive new elements, and some, not so much.

Perhaps you've wanted to explore what beneficial parts of this season you want to bring with you into the next.

Perhaps you've wondered how to make the break from habits and behaviors that have crept in, but might not serve you well for the future.

Perhaps you have no idea how to even start.

The solution:

One-on-one health and wellness coaching, via phone or Zoom, gently guides you in your own process of self-discovery.

This isn’t about offering advice or telling you what to do; it’s about calling on wisdom and strength you already have to craft a plan forward. Key steps include: 

  • Self-assessment
  • Creating a wellness vision
  • Setting long-term behavioral goals
  • Setting short-term behavioral goals
  • Honest review of progress
  • Optional ongoing accountability

Your custom escape plan begins with a 90-minute strategy session via phone or Zoom. 

Regular cost is $179.


At the completion of that call, you'll have the option to purchase and schedule additional 45-minute coaching sessions for $99 each.

No further upsell. No hidden gimmicks.  

All that, and a money back guarantee.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, we finish the call and you feel it was not worth your hard-earned cash, you may request a full refund anytime within 7 days. Simply email me and let me know why you felt the experience was unsatisfactory, and how you believe I could improve the offer for the next potential client.

About your guide 


Fiona Soltes, founder of Gates Open Wellness, is a certified Wellcoach© and longtime student of holistic nutrition and lifestyle medicine. She specializes in stress management and the process of change. 

Anyone could benefit from a multivitamin with a dose of Fiona in it. 

Katie L. - Coaching Client

Fiona was able to listen and ask probing questions that helped me tap into some deep dreams of mine, and then figure out how to act on them. What a gift!

Casey R. - Coaching Client

 I love how you've introduced this as a safe place. It has made me confident in being able to open up.

Heather H. - Group Coaching Session Attendee

Still need just a bit of nudge? 

Remember: This is a limited time offer to make the most of this 'reopening' season. 

Bookings are available through late afternoon CT XXXX, but the $149 price expires at 10 pm CT today, XXXX. 


Move forward

You'll know when you're ready. A moment will come when the thought of things staying as they are is more uncomfortable than the idea of making a change. That's the best time to move—even if you still aren't sure how. Look deep enough, and you'll know how to do that, too, Click on the 'Let's chat' button below to schedule your 90-minute wellness strategy session for the special price of $149. Further questions? Reach me at