You’re one of a kind.

As is your path to thriving. 

The best part about health and wellness coaching is that it’s not a cookie-cutter solution. You have individual needs, desires, strengths and motivations. We’ll uncover them one conversation at a time. 

“I’ve been feeling… stuck. Like the wheels have come off, and what used to work, no longer does.” 

Have you been there? Or, if you’re completely honest, are you there now?

Maybe you feel like you can’t keep up. Maybe you’ve had a major change in job, location or relationship, and even though you may have wanted it and worked really hard for it, you find yourself on the other side, wondering what you’ve done.

Lost some healthy habits? Work/life balance disappeared? Feeling unmotivated, distracted, uncomfortable in your own skin?

You don’t have to face this alone.

As a seasoned national board certified health and wellness coach, I specialize in helping my clients feel heard, valued and capable. I’ve helped hundreds of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences gain self-awareness, reframe their situations and figure out how to move forward with confidence.

When you’re ready, I’m here.


The Gates Open Wellness Six-Week Signature ‘GO Season’


The six-week GO Season is a personalized coaching plan that explores whatever dimension of wellness you choose. This might include, for example, stress management, work/life balance, developing healthy habits, time management, gaining confidence, improving relationships, or mindfulness. By the end of the six weeks, you’ll have a map for positive, long-lasting change, all the while experimenting to discover what uniquely works for you.


  • Introductory 30-minute exploratory assessment to uncover strengths, desires and a framework for action
  • Six 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom, with follow-up notes sent after each meeting
  • Voxer and email support in between sessions
  • Discounts on future sessions, group coaching opportunities, packages and programs
  • Worksheets, journal prompts and more!


The Long View: The Gates Open Wellness Three-Month Package


The Gates Open Wellness three-month package allows you the opportunity to firmly establish new habits and behaviors, taking a deeper exploration into your unique motivations, triggers, hopes and desired outcomes. It also puts you at the top of my priority list in terms of personal support. I’m here every step of the journey!


  • Introductory 30-minute exploratory assessment to uncover strengths, desires and a framework for action
  • Twelve 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom, with follow-up notes sent after each meeting
  • Voxer support in between sessions
  • Email support for four months
  • Discounts on future sessions, group coaching opportunities, packages and programs
  • On-demand check-ins as needed
  • Worksheets, journal prompts and more!


I cannot begin to fully express my gratitude for Fiona’s coaching over the past few years. Through the questions she poses and the exercises she has helped me work though, Fiona has helped me become a better leader at work, a better husband and father at home, and she has challenged me to clarify my thoughts and find a clearer sense of purpose, and how to live in more accordance with it. Fiona has helped me discover and then unlock many parts of myself, and I am so thankful for her coaching and partnership on this path of continued discovery.

Paul H.

Seven-Day Money Back Guarantee

If we finish the initial call and you feel it was not worth your hard-earned cash, you may request a full refund within seven days. Just email me and let me know why you felt the experience was unsatisfactory, and how you believe I could improve the offer for the next potential client.

Why choose Fiona?

In early 2018, I turned over the tapestry of my life and realized the varied threads had woven a vivid picture. It was one of a lifetime of pursuing vibrant health on a personal basis:

  • decades of conversations and interviews with people from all walks of life as a writer and reporter;
  • ongoing work in seeking and creating peace and balance in my own life and the lives of those around me;
  • an encourager’s heart;
  • years of attending and leading small groups and workshops and mentoring others; and
  • a desire to help others discover what it means to thrive.  

I’m an expert in the process; you’re the expert on you

The best thing about coaching is that it doesn’t put me in the role of having all of the answers. Instead, I’ll help you discover where you have energy and interest for change; help you develop relevant and achievable experiments that will build momentum and success; and provide accountability and a mirror for seeing your progress.

You don’t need one more person giving you advice or telling you what to do. And you don’t need to be “fixed.” You are creative, resourceful and whole right where you are, and we’ll work together to bring out the most vibrant version of you. 

A holistic approach to wellness

I’ve had a lifelong interest in all the dimensions of wellness. I hold a degree in holistic nutrition, taught Pilates and core work for close to a decade, and have continued my fitness endeavors through dance, yoga, Spinning, weight training and running, having completed seven half-marathons and numerous shorter-distance events. I am an ongoing student of mindfulness practices, stress management, resilience, healthy habits and fostering positive relationships. 

Gold-standard training

I earned my first coaching credential through Wellcoaches, and followed up with earning the designation of National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). Additional training in somatic work has come through the Mindfulness Coaching School. In 2024, I will complete requirements to earn the Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from the industry-leading International Coaching Federation.  

Highly diverse experience

I’ve worked with hundreds of individual clients from varied backgrounds, experiences, interests and leadership levels. In addition, I came to coaching after decades as a writer and reporter, gaining firsthand access to numerous industries and helping me develop a broad perspective. 

Still uncertain? 

I understand: A journey like this is a commitment. Many of the best things in life are. If you still have questions or concerns. I’d be happy to talk them through. 


Mt. Juliet TN 37122


(615) 924-8610 (text/VM)

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