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Feeling stuck? Depressed? Stressed? Challenged by mid-life? Tired all the time? Managing a chronic illness? It’s OK. We’ll forge a path toward freedom together.

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A trustworthy partner is valuable on any new journey.

Let’s consider your current spot to be Point A, and where you want to be in terms of your overall health as Point B. The path from one to the other may not be immediately clear.

This is exactly where one-on-one health and wellness coaching can help. A certified coach gently guides you in your own process of self-discovery. This isn’t about offering advice or telling you what to do; it’s about calling on wisdom and strength you already have.


The journey begins with an assessment of where you are today. This includes an exploration of, for example, your sleep habits, your nutrition, your exercise levels, your energy, your emotions and your overall life satisfaction. We all have to start somewhere, and an accurate view now helps create a better, more effective strategy moving forward. You’ll review this assessment with your health coach, but don’t worry: all information is kept completely confidential.

Creating a wellness vision

  • We’ll talk in-depth about your Point B, and what life looks like in your ideal state of vibrant, thriving health.

Setting long-term behavioral goals

  • At Gates Open Wellness, we call this your three-month GO Plan. It’s a chance to zero in on exactly what it will take to reach your best, healthiest state.

Setting short-term behavioral goals

  • During each coaching session, you’ll create SMART goals that will move you closer to your best self in manageable increments. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. You’ll also state your confidence levels at being able to meet those goals, and we’ll explore potential challenges and past experiences and strengths that might have an impact.

Honest review of progress

  • During each coaching session, you’ll review your progress in the goals you set in the previous meeting, delving into your entire experience—the good and the not-so-good—in meeting it.

Ongoing accountability

  • How often you meet with your wellness coach is up to you. It might be weekly, twice monthly or monthly. Some find they need a little more external accountability, while others find they need less.
  • Coaching can be done by phone or video chat.

Since each coach is a little bit different—as is each client—the coaching experience can vary. The coach may use different evidence-based tools to help the client explore motivation, strengths, purpose, and past experiences that can boost confidence in facing whatever challenges are currently at hand.

The end result, however, is ideally the same: You, as the client, feel heard, empowered, capable and focused.

Move forward

You'll know when you're ready. A moment will come when the thought of things staying as they are is more uncomfortable than the idea of making a change. That's the best time to move—even if you still aren't sure how. Schedule a brief, no-obligation call, and we'll discover whether wellness coaching might be the right path.

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